My adventure began (First time to study abroad)

I have lived for 19 years, and I’ve been to 14 countries. I had never study abroad until this chance appeared.

In Meiji university, it offers a program to let university students all over the world study Japanese. I was hesitate,being afraid of being incapable to commute with others. I know almost nothing about Japanese.

“It is a good chance to discovery other culture. Grab the chance ! ” I said to myself.

Fortunately, my application was approved. And That’s how my adventure started…….

On the first day I arrived at Japan, I met my roommate Mitchel who is going to stay with me in the same homestay. It is good to have companion. Because first of all I wasn’t really sure how to get to the homestay. My homestay family was a 67 year-old woman. Although she couldn’t speak any English, her hospitality made me feel safe. My friend and I used all electric devices to translate what she talked about, which was really fun! I learned a lot of vocabularies by using this way. It was really exciting on the first day. I decided to devote myself to study Japanese.

Waking up at 6 am, though, I was really exhausted, the excitement was pulsing my heart, and I couldn’t wait to meet new friends in Meiji university. It was a little bit far from home to the university. Hmm….almost everyone lived far as well. I guessed most of the Japanese need to take a lot of time to go to work. Lucky, the place I am from is crowded but not as much as in Japan, so that I could get used to the “unique” transportation. (At rush hour, people in trains or metro are like sardines 😐 )

Students who participated in the program would be separated into 3 levels : Introductory, Beginner, Intermediate. I was in the first group. There were 7 students in my class. Fortunately, they couldn’t speak Chinese. I could only speak either Japanese or English. It could not only improve my Japanese but English! The style of teaching was that we learned some basic sentences and words, and we used them to have a small conversation between us. It reminded me the early stage of learning English. There were only 4 classes per day. I wished there would have more. I wanted to learn all stuffs even though my head would blow.

Yeah… We are done for boring parts… :/

Excursions ! Which made the program be more fun!? (It depends on people xD) This time we had five different excursions : a trip to kamakura, dressing kimono, experiencing tea ceremony, learning furoshiki, and drawing wind bells.

Are you excited to see what I had been through? Let’s go to the next article!


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