Traditional Japanese garment

The first excursion is dressing kimono ! I wore yukata before, but what is kimono ??? It looks same as yukata?
To be simple, I explain it shortly.
Kimono is traditional Japanese garment. Not only for women, but also for kids and men. Yukata is like summer kimono. It is lighter and cheaper.
The photo below was that the two student partners were wearing kimono !! 綺麗でか。


This program would have several student partners to help any problem of students. They were also nice friends!

This is all the students wearing kimonos.


Wearing kimono is really hard! Women can’t dress it by theirselves. It usually needs a person to help her. But Men can dress it by theirselves, thought, it is still very hard! Dressing kimonos in summer is a challenge! It is too thick to let the air go out. hmm…I am sweating now.. 😛
So people wear yukuta in summer. It is much cooler, lighter and easy to wear!
This is me and dad wearing yukuta.Men’s yukata is more beautiful then kimono. Agree? The pose is Japanese samurai style.



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