Switchr APP review

Swichr is an application for only Android.
Top 5 in XDA 2013 APPs.
There are two editions. One is free edition, and the other is
I have installed the app.
Now let’s take a look.

I have bought the Pro edition.

In the beginning, there are three styles of which you need to choose one.


In the second picture, you can see there are two button for home and back.
You will need root access to use the Back button.
In addition, you can swipe down to close the app.


Swipe from left to right, it will then show as the upper picture.
To show the sidebar, you will need to slide it back.
I find out that it is dummy to find what app you want fast.
If you have the same feelings as mine, check the setting for “show only sidebar”. Then it will be similar as window phone 8.
I am currently using this style.
There are still three button at the bottom of slide bar.


Arc style is not so handy. In my opinion, it is hard to make your finger reach the arc of apps, since it is too wide.
Moreover, the close all app button is overlay with home button.

In conclusion, this app makes my phone resurrect since my home button almost malfunctions. Much easier to change between apps.
This app has many customizations to make your own desire.
Don’t be hesitate to try it for free.


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