Vtech EXSOUND Shark VII- unboxing

Someday, I saw this headset was on sale. My Logitech G35 was a bit old. I had made mind to buy it.
Thanks to the delivery, it only took 15 hours to give it home.
This is a REAL 7.1 gaming headset.
EXSOUND is a Hong Kong company.
This product is made from China.

There are two parts. One is the headset itself, the other is its controller.
When you just plugged the USB, there wasn’t any blue light. A long touch to its center button (about 2 seconds) can turn on the controller. The controller makes me easier to adjust the volume whenever I want. Swipe from left to right lower the volume, and vice versa. It is not easy to adjust the volume precisely. It needs time to get used to it.
Whenever the headset is turned on, there are lights on its both side. It looks cool.
The microphone on it is detachable. However, it needs a specific angle to detach it off. Be ware of its angle, you might break it.
First, you’ll need to install its driver to make it work.
Download site
You can press Bypass Button to listen to the origin of the sound.
Or using virtual 7.1 makes the sound surrounding.
There are options that you can choose what you want to hear in 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1.
And also, you can adjust different combinations of EQs.
-Accessible price
-Cool appearance
-Precise surrounding
-Normal BASS


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