Travelling in Taitung – Day 1

Taitung is the southeast part of Taiwan, far far away from Taipei. I took a train from Taipei to there, it spent about 4 and half an hour.
No one at the station!

Despite the expense of energy, scenery out of the train was such an extraordinary rural life.

On the first day, I lived in Chishang, a heart of Taiwan’s agriculture, cultivating the most famous rice overseas. In addition, there is a road named Heaven Road, you can see the sunlight mixed in mountains and clouds.
The famous actor, Jin Cheng Wu, had stared in the below advertisement.

One of the places appeared in the film is Chishang. As you can see,the golden fields are the most of this country. I also found the tree which he sat nearby.

Isnt it beautiful ?

There are few cars in this peaceful country. Riding bicycle here is really a full of joy, as you feel the serenity and breezes across your face. All the dark enegry I’d brought from urban had gone.

This beauty cannot be described in words !
Go there and you will find your own peace.


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