Australia Adventure – Sydney – Part 1

You cannot say you know yourself, unless you have explored your inner world.

Asia and Europe are the continents which I most visited.

At this time, my target was Australia, an ancient continent full of mother nature.
Australia is famous of its rainforest, desert, coral reef and wild animals. Their famous animals are Koala and Kangaroo.
Besides animals living on the ground, there are numerous species living at the Great Barrier Reef.

Due to my budget, I chose to fly with budget airline : AirAsia. During the flight, there was a stop in Kuala Lumpur. It  took me 5 hours to wait for the transfer flight. That’s pretty exhausting especially I was thirsty! There was only “one” water fountain in the waiting hall!! Many people there were trying to find it, unfortunately it hide very stealthy. How did I find it? I googled it! It is near the Q3 Gate !! Hope you guys can find it. Spending more than 17 hours, eventually, Sydney, here we are! By the way, don’t check too many boxes on the arrival card, or you may turn up being inspected by customs like my friend. Sitting over there, he was interrogated by customs. wpid-img_20140802_184342.jpg

Airport to Sydney CBD is about 7 km. I bought the train ticket from the airport station to King Cross station for $17.
Sydney Train Network Guide : download here
My hotel, Springfield Lodge is near King Cross Station in 5 mins walks. The room there is quite big enough for three people. We only have two people, but we got 1 double bed and 1 single bed. Its location is near red-light district. Beyond my expectation, at night, it wasn’t so noisy. I’ve never had a chance to go into any of them.
IMG_20140803_173811Red light district: according to the guide I took in Amsterdam in May 2015, she said that the prostitutes in Australian, they have to show their physical examination to clients. In comparison to prostitutes in Amsterdam, they don’t need to show any medical record to clients, which I think it is risky.
In the next morning, I went to Sydney Royal Botanical Garden, Opera House, Saint Mary Cathedral on foot from Springfield Lodge about 15 mins walk. Under the heat of the Sun with the cool air, it was pleasant for a walk. Streets are very clean, drivers are also very polite there. The city seems very clam, everything there is wonderful to me.
The statue of the first governor in New South Wales  : Captain Arthur Phillip He served in British Navy. After American Independent War,
he was sent to New South Wales which needed a civil administration and a system for emancipating the convicts.
The National History of Sydney
Australian White Ibis
The largest in Ibis family, can reach twenty-eight years of age.
 Dragon Blood Tree in Royal Botanical Garden
There were a storm that destroyed the tree as you can see it. It cannot be pulled up again, because it will break, when doing it.
Walking through the botanic garden, I saw the most famous places in Sydney.
Sydney Opera House
Construction started in 1959, Finished in 1973
Beside it, there are a lot of restaurants, and cafes.
Hunger conquered my stomach. I had to eat ! IMG_20140803_131724
Also, I wasn’t the only one who starved, there were hundreds of seagull trying to steal my hamburger.
Another viewpoint from harbour bridge
How long is Sydney Harbour bridge? 1.149km
Can I climb it? yes, you can if you pay around 200 AUD.
Unfortunately, I didn’t climb it. However, I walked through all the bridge with breeze touching my face.
There is nothing better to see lots of ships crossing the golf.
Imagine in the second world war, Sydney was one of the military harbour. Hundreds of cruisers were sailing through here.
Let’s sail to the next article, to experience the amazing animals in Australia !

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