Australia Adventure – Sydney – Part 3

Sydney History

Back into 1788, the First Fleet of Great Britain transporting thousands of convicts arrived in Sydney. Admiral Arthur Phillip who led the fleet become the first governor of New South Wales and founded the city of Sydney.


Sydney harbour also known as Port Jackson named after Sir George Duckett.

at noon we where…about 2 or 3 miles from the land and abrest of a bay or harbour within there appeared to be a safe anchorage which I called Port Jackson.

James Cook who discovered the harbour

The statue is Admiral Arthur Phillip around Royal botanical garden.

Despite all the tedious history, whether it stirs up your heart to sail in the Sydney Harbour, the biggest natural harbour in the world?

Cockatoo Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lying here is a shipyard, operating between 1857 and 1991. It played an important role in the second war world. Here, hundreds of ships were built, and ships were repaired here.


How to go to Cockatoo Island?SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

  • Take a boat in Circular Quay

On the island, there were more seagulls than visitors. Be aware of “Agression Seagulls”. At the time when I went there, less than 10 people I had seen on there. All the island was like my private island. Apart from seeing lots of abandoned factory, you also can enjoy the fascinating view of the Harbour. PS: here is also a camping site.


Lying on the beautiful lawn, with all the blue water sparkling in my eyes, I relaxed and felt calm. All fatigue was gone.

Watch the promo of Wolverine at Cockatoo Island ! Youtube link

Next stop !!! Let’s go to Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef !


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