ASO 阿蘇 Helicopter Tour in カドリー・ドミニオン

I always like to go to countryside to see the beauty of the Earth. I dreamed to appreciate it while flying in sky as a bird. At this time, as soon as I heard there was a helicopter tour around ASO mountain I couldn’t hide the excitement. All I wanted to do was take the ride and experience the splendid nature in sky.

First, the helicopter tour is located in Cuddly Dominion. Map
This is a zoo with over 2 hundreds bears as Showanshinzan Kumabokujo in Hokkaido. Tourists can feed bears with toast, bear food, and chicken (Only for brown bears).

Brown Bears pleasing for food
Japanese black bears

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


mini tour: 2 minutes. Adult ¥2900, Child ¥2500

米塚 tour: 4 minutes. Includes mountain. Adult ¥4800, Child ¥4500

volcano tour: 7 minutes. Includes volcano. Adult ¥7500, Child ¥7000

super tour: 10 minutes. Includes mountains, grassland, volcano. Adult ¥12500, Child ¥11500


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