Fukui Dinosaur museum 福井県恐竜博物館

Fukui Dinosaur museum is one of the three biggest dinosaur museums in the world along with Royal Tyrrell museum and Zigong museum. In the early 1900s, people did not believe that dinosaur existed in Japan until 1986. A high school girl found a tooth in Fukui which had been identified as a dinosaur tooth later. After the discovery, more research had begun  and more discoveries had been found. Seven new species has been discovered, including Fukuiraptor, Fukuisaurus, Fukuititan, and Fukuivenator. The museum was built in 2000. Its shape looks like an egg. However, it was designed as it required a huge space to display dinosaurs fossils. To make the space look better, they did not want to have any pillars near the dinosaurs. The main hall is divided in two sections, one is most for carnivore, and the other is for herbivore.


In the main hall, there are three floors. The basement is main entry, a simple hall way displaying fossils.


On the first floor, the T-rex is brought to life! This vivid t-rex is showing its fury. It is said that dinosaur lays eggs from the excretory organ. IMG_7757.JPG

The bones are used to estimate the dinosaur’s age. It touches like tree. IMG_7758.JPG

Hadrosauridae has crest on its skull. It was used for making sound.


Tarbosaurus’ eyes are not facing in the front unlike Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Tyrannosaurus Rex!! Its skull is the most complicated part of all exhibited dinosaurs.


Fukuiraptor. It is said that the color of dinosaur is hard to define. We can only predict it.




How do we know it is a dinosaur?  Dinosaur was evolved from Archosauria. A dinosaur’s skull has a large opening in the front of eye socket. Dinosaur can stand with their legs straight. Their tooth has its own socket. People misunderstand dinosaur. Pterosaur, Ichthyosaur, MosasauridaePelycosauria are not dinosaur! Is all dinosaur cold-blooded? No! Some are ware-blooded.


A view from second floor. It is just amazing to see so many huge dinosaur walking around! It reminded me “Night at museum”. The T-Rex was chasing Ben Stiller.


Taking photos of these 30m dinosaur is so difficult!


A series pf elongate dorsal neural spines form a “sail”, which might have been used for thermoregulation or visual identity.


One of my favorite! Albertaceratops is so cute, isn’t?


This dinosaur museum is located 4 hours by train from Osaka. I recommend to stay a night before visiting the museum. In the next morning, go to take the earlier train from Fukui station to Katsuyama station. It takes almost an hour. Once arriving the station, you will need to take a bus from station! It is a long way trip. However, the dinosaur won’t let you down!! It totally worths it! By the way, you can buy a ticket combo from Fukui station, which includes the tickets of train, museum, and bus, around 2000 Yen.



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