Luxembourg Adventure – Luxembourg

Luxembourg is not only a country but a capital of its country surrounded by Belgium, France, and Germany. After Brussels and Strasburg, Luxembourg city is the third capital of European Union. The highest GDP in the world 114,512$ the second biggest commercial center after US. Geography: One of the smallest sovereign nation in Europe. A population is 55 thousands. How to go to Luxembourg? I took the TER from Strasbourg, which took about 2 hours. What was the first impression in Luxembourg? TGV-route-map It wasn’t as small as I thought. Its terrain wasn’t flat! There were many valley within the city. It was first a castle, which was easy to defense thanks to advantage of lots of cliffs. As I walked around the city, I could see numerous of bridges. Under these bridges usually is where old town located. My hotel is Luxembourg Youth Hostel, which located in one of the valleys. It wasn’t very far from the main train station, however, trolling a suitcase in such rock roads, and ascended, descended was really painful. IMG_1509

Luxembourg Youth Hostel Website: Click As a hostel, it is really comfortable to stay. I was staying with 3 friends. We had a room with a toilet and a shower. Be aware to take your own towels and lockers, if not, you have to pay some money to rent it. This hostel has no kitchen. They server breakfast, lunch and dinner, which in my opinion it is the cheapest food you can find in Luxembourg, each meal around 9.9 euro. Each person per night is around 25 euro. On the way to train station, there are a lot of shops, supermarkets, which you can buy food there as well.

Where to visit? This city is based on its castle, which was first built at AD 963. It is a UNESCO world heritage. There are two circular walk you can take.

  • Wenzel Circular Walk
    • A tour through time and space, connecting the Upper and Lower towns: “Bock” promontory, Old Town, Wenceslas ring wall, Alzette valley with its unique fortifications. The Council of Europe has rated this walking tour as an “outstanding” cultural itinerary.
  • Vauban Circular Walk
    • The Vauban Circular Walk, named after the famous French fortress builder, Sébastien le Prestre de Vauban (1633-1707), leads visitors through parts of the fortifications from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

for more information – click IMG_1524 IMG_1541

Monument of Remembrance

The centrepiece of the monument is a 21-metre-tall granite obelisk. Atop of the obelisk stands a gilded bronze statue of a lady, representing Nike, goddess of victory, or “Queen of Freedom” (Friddenskinnigin in Luxembourgish), holding out a laurel wreath as if placing it upon the head of the nation. At the foot of the obelisk are two (ungilded) bronze figures, representing those Luxembourgish soldiers that volunteered to serve for France; one lies at the base of the statue, having died in service of his country, whilst the other sits, mourning his dead compatriot. (From Wikipedia)


Interesting to see all the bridge was under maintenance. Lots of constructional materials were lying under it.


Friends were swinging! When we were about to leave, two police officers came. One asked us what we were up to here, while the other was sniffing around like we were taking drugs and he wanted to find an evidence. They frightened us. We were just enjoying swinging when no kid was playing there.


Musée Draï Eechelen

It is all about history.


Philharmonie Luxembourg

check some programs here. Maybe you might be interested to enjoy a feast of music.

Summary After staying in Luxembourg for three days, I almost explored all the outdoor tourist attractions by only walking. This city in my opinion, it doesn’t have really clean streets, however, the streets are mostly wide. Some places are still in construction around Europe Union Zone. The most interested thing to me was its spectacular geographic position. Seeing huge bridges anywhere, lots of plantation under bridges, like a big park! Walking under bridges is like I escaped from the busy city. Bridges are a great combination of middle-age buildings, modern buildings, and the mother nature.